Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Cupcake Flavors

We will be closed for vacation August 23 - August 31.

Chocolate and White are offered daily.
Butterfinger and Butter Pecan will be offered daily for the month of August.
Tuesday - Triple Chocolate and Coconut
Wednesday - Toffee and Lemon Blueberry
Thursday - Chocolate Cheesecake and Raspberry
Friday - Pina Colada and Cookies 'n Cream
Saturday - All 12 Flavors

If you place an order a day or more in advance, you may choose any of the 12 flavors.


  1. An almond-raspberry cake is surely one of the most creative birthday cupcakes ideas. It is also the simplest to make. It is just rich and fluffy almond cake topped with buttercream frosting, with a raspberry as its panache.

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