Wedding Q & A

How soon do I need to set up an appointment for a wedding cake consultation? 
We are booking some weddings a year in advance, so the sooner, the better. But if we don’t have a wedding planned for the weekend of your wedding, we will be glad to talk to you about it anytime. 

When do you schedule appointments and how do I go about setting up an appointment? 
We are available for consultations Tuesday – Friday (10:00 to 5:-00). If those times don’t meet with your schedule we will try to arrange something that will. You can contact us by phone (260-483-7242) or by email ( 

 Do you provide samples? 
Yes! We will send you home with cupcakes in up to three flavors of your choice. You can try them with your family and pick out your favorite. If you want to try more than three flavors, they are $2.50 each. 

 What should I bring to the consultation? 
Please bring pictures of any cakes that you like and, if you have them, color swatches that you would like to use on your cake. If you don’t have any ideas yet, don’t worry! We are good at helping you think through the things that you like. The consultation is a good start in directing you to look for what you like. 

 What if I am on a budget? 
You have come to the right place! We pride ourselves in helping brides fit our cakes to their budget. We offer cakes with Styrofoam layers that give the illusion of a grander cake without the cost. Ask us about that. 

 How much do your wedding cakes cost? 
Our tiered cakes in a standard flavor start at $3.25 per slice. Premium cake flavors and fillings are an additional cost. There is an additional cost for complex designs and filling. 

 Do you use fondant or Buttercream? 
We only use Buttercream on our wedding cakes. We can get a beautiful finish and the taste is wonderful! Cream Cheese frosting can be used on sheet cakes if you desire. 

 How do I know how many servings to order? 
There is no set formula. Not everyone will come that you invite, not everyone you invite will eat cake and some will take more than one piece. Try to estimate the closest number that you can. 

 Do you deliver?  What if I want to pick up my wedding cake? 
Yes, we deliver for $35 in the Fort Wayne area. If your wedding is in another area we will give you a price for our mileage and time. You can pick up your cake, but we strongly suggest against it if your cake is three tiers or more. We will not be responsible from the time it leaves our shop. 

 Is there a deposit?  When is payment due? 
The deposit is $50. That is non-refundable but goes towards the cost of your cake. The deposit secures your wedding date with us. Your wedding cake can be paid off at any time with cash, credit card or personal check, but we require half paid at 2 months before the wedding and then the final payment is due 2 weeks before your wedding. 

 What are the options for additional cake if we need more than a tiered cake? 
There are different options. The most economical one is sheet cakes. These are sectioned off and have a design, initial or flower in each section. You can also have layered sheet cakes that will look like your main cake slices when cut. This is the option you will need to choose if you are doing any fillings. Some people opt for their additional cake to be made in round layered cakes that flank the main cake and sit on pedestals. The nice thing about additional cake is that it can be in the kitchen and already cut so that serving the cake is not delayed. 

 Do you make cupcakes for weddings? 
Yes, we do! And it is a fun and beautiful choice! Our cupcakes are $27 per dozen and they need to be ordered in dozens for your wedding. We will give you suggestions about how many different flavors to have depending on the size of your wedding. Usually, a small cake sits on the top of the display. It can be eaten or saved for your first anniversary. Your cupcakes can be decorated to match your wedding colors or you can pick from our over 60 specialty cupcakes. We also rent cupcakes stands for your event. 

 Can we save our top cake for our anniversary? 
Yes! We will instruct you about how to wrap it so that it will still taste good in a year! But if you don’t have the room, or the thought of eating a year old cake doesn’t appeal to you, you can pre-purchase a 6” layered cake to be picked up on your anniversary. You just contact us near the date that you would like to have it and we will make you a fresh one. 

 Can I make changes to my wedding cake? 
Changes can be made up to 2 months before you wedding. After that you can only increase the amount of servings until 2 weeks before your wedding. You may not decrease the amount.

 Please contact us at 260-483-7242 if you have any additional questions that don’t appear here. We look forward to meeting with you and being a part of your special day!


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